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Black Hat SEOAre you aware that there are different ways on how you can easily attain a good search engine ranking? If you are tired in performing the regular search engine approaches that takes several months before you see a good result, then you can try some forms of SEO methodologies. In this article, you will identify some black hat SEO techniques that you can utilize to help your site earn the kind of reward that you like. Though some of the methods are “illegal,” you can still apply it in an ethical manner that bots will not recognize.

• Redirect
One of the best techniques that you can utilize is the 301 redirect. This means that you have to redirect the out-dated pages your new homepage or its versions or your homepage. All the links that exists in your old site or page can possibly add worth on how algorithms will value your new site.

• Grabbing Domain
You might also be interested of purchasing the old domains that failed to revive themselves and arrived for sale. One of the purposes of this method is to get all the “good” and “active” links that are connected to the old site. You can send different related contents in every link that is connected thereon.

• Invisible links
The hidden texts or invisible links in the content can help manipulate the search rankings of your site. Knowing that is a violation in the Webmaster Guidelines of Google, you can still utilize this in an effective manner. Considering that your site incorporates tools that search engines find difficulty in accessing, like images, JavaScript, or Flash files, utilizing a descriptive text on the items can enhance the accessibility of your website. Also remember that, numerous human visitors are utilizing screen readers, browsers without plug-ins, mobile browsers, and slow connections do not have the capacity of viewing that content and will be rewarded on the descriptive text.

• Duplicate Contents for multiple websites
Another black hat marketing approach that you can apply is creating duplicate contents that can be incorporated with multiple domains. Thus, you should be careful in putting your contents with other sites, as you need some relevancy of your contents to avoid being tagged as “Spam.”

These are just some of the black hat SEO tools that you can apply in your objective of having the best ranking in the search engine. However, though some of these techniques had proven to be effective in the previous years, you should not be confident that much nowadays, as the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, which are unpredictable.

In contrast, the white hat SEO takes writing on their websites so that search engines can complete exactly what they should perform, giving the users the kind of results they need. Ethical SEO applies keywords to determine the actual detail on the website, and composes content that concentrates on the topic of the keywords. In this case, keywords are utilized in a manner that search engine anticipates them to be used, such as index words or titles in table of contents.

Though this method consumes a longer time in generating great results, you are still secured that you are free from being banned or creating injury to your business reputation. This means that this approach is much appealing with both the users and spiders or crawlers.
Being legal is always good; it only requires patience to achieve the kind of result that you are aiming for. Take note that, there is no harm in creating a credible content relevant to your site. You can increase your brand recognition and reputation through offering your visitors the kind of results that they need.


If you will apply the black hat SEO strategies in your business goals, you must always be cautious on the different possibilities that you may encounter. Constant update of search engine algorithms can put your site at risk, once you failed to see the possibilities. All your accumulated links might also suffer, giving you a regrettable consequence. Though in this article you find some interesting techniques that can help you to gain fast and effective results, do not forget to incorporate the white hat SEO services that other companies can offer to you. The services that you can expect with them are proven to be effective and legal, which free you from costly penalties or even the complete abolition of your site in the world wide web.

Ensuring that you always remain competitive is a good business objective; maximizing your capacity in a manner that hurt other companies, which is striving to achieve their potential goals in a legal manner, is not a good practice that you must perform.